The horror film contest leans on the cinematic and interpretive elements that support the expansion of the genre. Horror films as they are represented are diverse, and can lean on several forms of storytelling through the use of cinematology as it works to express its message. The purpose of this category is to provide a platform where all horror filmmakers can gain exposure for the message they work to share with the international horror community. Exemplary films at various length parameters are awarded to expand that effort. Below are the submission requirements for the horror film contest:

  • Films must have been completed after January 1, 2010 and must be submitted by the film director and or whom has ownership rights for the film.

  • Each project submission must be complete, and include a press kit. This includes your biography, creator statement, profile picture, your film trailer and or behind the scenes video via link to YouTube or Vimeo, your film poster, and any production pictures you would like to add. Note that you must provide credits on the credits page of your submission. This includes the standard credits given to all members of the team.

  • All films must incorporate a credits roll

  • All films must meet their film length parameters for each category. List of categories and film length parameters are as follows:

         Micro Short (2-5 minutes)​

         Standard Short (5-20 minutes)

         Extended Short (20-40 minutes)

         Feature (40-150 minutes)

  • As we do prefer new and original material never seen before, we also understand the importance of giving a previous project another platform to shine. That said we do allow films that have already been submitted to public streaming sites like YouTube or Vimeo, or through other festivals that showcase on an online screening platform.

  • All films must be subtitled or dubbed in English. 



All film project submissions to any film length category are judged by the CTFF Judging Panel that determines the CTEA recipients for each award category based on evaluation of the following elements:

  • Originality, New Concept, or Element Presented

  • Film Length Parameter

  • Narrative Flow & Compelling Storyline

  • Performances, Unique Perspective, & Interesting Characters

  • Production Design - Props, Costumes, Sets, & Location

  • Visual Composition & Cinematography - Camera Angles, Movement, Lighting, Framing of Shots, Etc.

  • Visual Enhancements & Special Effects

  • Audio Enhancements

  • Editing

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