The horror photography contest leans on the photographic and interpretive elements that support the expansion of the genre. Horror photography as it is represented is diverse, and can lean on several forms of storytelling through the use of photography as it works to express its message. The purpose of this category is to provide a platform where all horror photographers can gain exposure for the message they work to share with the international horror community. Photography are awarded to expand that effort. Below are the submission requirements for the horror photography contest:

  • You may submit a single-shot or a photo series (3-6 photos). Photographers submitting either a single or series will enter to the same category, but will be judged separately.

  • To differentiate between a single photo and a series, the submission description must clarify the submission intent. 

  • All titles must be transcribed in English.

  • Your photo/photo series must be original, and should not be found on the public domain by another photographer. Judges will check, so be sure you are presenting your own creepy creations.

  • Each project submission must be complete, please review the submission checklist provided on the submission page.


All photography project submissions are judged by the CTFF Judging Panel who determine the CTDA and CTEA recipients for each award category based on evaluation of the following elements:

  • Inherent Meaning and Fulfilled Intent

  • Skills and Abilities

  • Uniqueness of Concept or Element

  • Originality and Creativity

  • Visual Design

  • Artistic Impression

  • Composition

  • Quality of Technical Execution

  • Color, Lighting, Exposure, and Focus

  • Expands Horror Genre or Subgenre

  • Audience Appeal

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