The promotions opportunity through CTFF allows you to promote your creations and presence among the international horror community by submitting a 1080x1080 promotional poster that supports more awareness of your creepy creative presence among the international horror community. Unlike any other opportunity across our multidivisional platform, this opportunity allows creators to gain exposure through our festival promotions without having to submit to any of the contest divisions, earn an official selection, or compete and or win an award to gain recognition for their contributions to the genre. Simply put, ALL promotional posters that meet the submission requirements listed below for this opportunity will be showcased and promoted throughout the current festival season both on this website and across our social media pages. The purpose of the promotional poster is to gain exposure and awareness, and to open up opportunities for you to "branch out" to new audiences. 

Below are the submission requirements and guidelines for participating in CTFF Promotions Opportunity:​

  • You must be the original creator of the artistry you are promoting. Any unauthorized use of another's work is considered both plagiarism and copyright infringement. Our promotions team will explore whether the creator is the original creator, or if the represented characters and or elements used in the promotional poster production is from another artist's original and or copyrighted works.

  • Poster submissions must be sized at 1080x1080 and maintain composition that will maximize audience appeal. 

  • Poster submissions must promote the artistry and or projects created by the creator within the promotional poster. The promotions opportunity is meant to expand awareness of the creator and the projects they have created. Projects will be rejected if the promotional agenda is to land a commission. 

  • Poster submissions must focus on elements and concepts drawn from the current season, so dig deep into those creepy creative knapsacks to develop something truly original when showcasing your creations in the form of a promotional poster during the current season. Remember that promotional efforts are best served when the audience can make a connection to your offerings based on the current mood of the season. 

  • Project submissions should contain advertising of your logo or hashtag on the bottom right corner of your poster, but should not be the main image of your artwork. The purpose of your poster is to promote your contributions to the genre.

  • All posters will receive a Creepy Tree skull watermark on the bottom left corner of the poster

  • Posters will be accompanied with a message that includes; your name, company name, a brief bio and or creator statement, and a link to either your website or social media page.

  • Each project submission must be complete, and include a press kit to better promote you in the accompanying message. This includes your brief bio and or creator statement, your website and social media links, and any additional information you may want to share about the artistry or project within the promotional poster. 

  • Poster submissions that contain nudity and or extreme graphic content not accepted by social media platforms will be rejected. Again, the purpose of the promotional poster is to gain exposure and awareness, and to open up opportunities for you to "branch out" to new audiences. 

  • Prior voucher and or waiver codes do not apply to the CTFF Promotions Opportunity.