CTFF is an international horror festival that runs quarterly throughout the year, and home to the Creepy Tree Exemplar Award (CTEA). We seek to discover talented filmmakers, writers, photographers, and artists that truly capture the horror genre. To support the vast number of talent globally, we sought to create a festival that expands the reach of the audience to include the international horror community through the use of the online experience. With several seasons a year and our multidivisional approach, our festival platform offers a unique approach to gaining industry exposure for your creepy creative talents. Spending much of our own creative journeys endeavoring to reach our fullest potential in this industry, we have always seen the importance in a platform that allows ALL creators, regardless of creative medium or location, an opportunity to gain exposure for their unique talents. That said, here at Creepy Tree the festival is about YOU, the rising talent driven by your pursuit to share your creepy creative contributions to the genre. That said we look forward to supporting you as you work to "branch out" to new audiences, network with your fellow horror creators, and grow within the entertainment industry.


Each season offers you an opportunity to gain exposure for your project in various divisions. Review submission requirements by clicking on a division button below. New seasons will be opened as others pass their "Event" dates. Here at Creepy Tree, we value your creepy creative crafts, and believe that you need plenty of opportunities to gain exposure in this competitive industry, that said please feel free to enter as many categories as you like in any one season. Just remember that you may only submit up to two different project submissions per division category. Be sure to view how it all works down below to better understand how creepy we do things. When you're ready to submit your creepy contribution, click on the FilmFreeway button on any submission requirement page.

Due to the social and economic challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, CTFF will not be opening a Call for Entries for our 2021 Winter Festival season (December 1st, 2020 - February 28th, 2021). We will however reopen a new Call for Entries for our 2021 Spring Festival season on March 1st. Though this decision and announcement is difficult for us to make, it is our hope that the community understands our intentions. During this time we will be undergoing much needed maintenance and redevelopment of our website and services to provide our festival community a place where you can continue to be proud to "branch out" with your unique contributions to the genre. Stay safe out there, and as always..stay creepy!


Official Selection

Once you have submitted your project, the CTFF Team will determine whether the project has met ALL the submission requirements for the submitted division to be eligible for official selection. Submissions are processed in the order they are received. Those chosen as official selections will receive notification when the project has been processed by the CTFF Team. All projects that receive official selection will be provided a link to retrieve our official selection laurel to be placed on their projects to showcase their achievement. When earning official selection, we encourage ALL participants to network with our Creepy Tree community on our social media channels. To participate, simply create and post your project poster/cover with our official selection laurel on it on our Instagram community page at #creepytreefilmfestival. This announcement not only informs other participants of your presence among the current season, but works to share your project with both our expanding community of creators and industry affiliates, and with the international horror community. Here at Creepy Tree, we encourage all members of our festival community to network and support one another's talents as you all grow within the industry. Just because this is horror, doesn't mean it has to be "cut-throat" - pun-intended. Creators that support one another go much farther than those who don't.

Earning an Award

Upon the final deadline of every festival season, all official selections from that season will be judged to determine the Creepy Tree Exemplar Award (CTEA) recipients for each division, and for which award categories our judging panel has determined that those project(s) have best exemplified (see award categories below). Each CTEA recipient will receive the following:

  • Receive a CTEA from their submitted division in both a digital copy form (used for media announcements) and a hard copy form sent in an award packet

  • Receive "CTEA ALUMNI" status and placed among their fellow alumni on our website with attached social media link to gain exposure

  • Receive the CTEA Recipient laurel for the winning year to be placed on your award winning project

  • Public recognition for their award(s) status in an awards announcement across our platforms

  • Placed on our industry "Watch List" to expand their professional network and connect with potential opportunities in the industry

  • Receive on-going promotion on our social media pages in the form of "Creator Spotlights"

  • Receive waivers for future festival seasons to promote new projects


The Creepy Tree Exemplar Award (CTEA) is an award that exemplifies an area(s) of exemplary skill found within your project. Below are the award categories that our judges choose from for each horror division:

Horror Film Division

Award Categories for CTEA - Best Horror Film for:

  • Creepy New Concept & Plot

  • Creepy Visual Enhancements & SFX

  • Creepy Audio Enhancements

  • Creepy Director & Crew

  • Creepy Actor Performance

  • Creepy Actress Performance

  • Creepy Supporting Cast

  • Creepy Creature/Character Design

  • Creepy Production Design

  • Creepy Set Design

  • Creepy Location

  • Creepy Costume Design

  • Creepy Makeup Design

  • Creepy New Series

  • Creepy Comedy

  • Creepy SciFi

  • Creepy Animation

  • Creepy Suspense

  • Creepy Fan Favorite

  • Creepy Editing

  • Creepy Commercial Appeal

Horror Photography Division

Award Categories for CTEA - Best Horror Photography for:

  • Creepy New Concept & Theme

  • Creepy Photographer & Crew

  • Creepy Models

  • Creepy Composition

  • Creepy Artistic Impression

  • Creepy Visual Design

  • Creepy Costume Design

  • Creepy Makeup Design

  • Creepy Location & Set Design

  • Creepy Props

  • Creepy Cosplay/Character Design

  • Creepy Editing

  • Creepy Commercial Appeal

Horror Screenplay & Writing Divisions

Award Categories for CTEA - Best Horror Screenplay &

Best Horror Writing for:

  • Creepy New Concept & Theme

  • Creepy Screenwriter

  • Creepy Storyteller

  • Creepy Writing Style

  • Creepy Plot & Pacing

  • Creepy Climactic Development

  • Creepy Characters & Dialogue

  • Creepy Creature Development

  • Creepy New Series

  • Creepy Commercial Appeal

Horror Art Division

Award Categories for CTEA - Best Horror Art for:

  • Creepy New Concept or Element

  • Creepy Creative Artist

  • Creepy Craftsmanship

  • Creepy Drawing & Illustration

  • Creepy Painting & Design

  • Creepy Sculpture Art

  • Creepy Comic Art

  • Creepy Masks and Prosthetics

  • Creepy Digital Art

  • Creepy Commercial Appeal

Horror Music Division

Award Categories for CTEA - Best Horror Music for:

  • Creepy New Theme

  • Creepy Composer/Band

  • Creepy Instrumentation

  • Creepy Sound Design Technique

  • Creepy Sound Effects

  • Creepy Vocal Effects

  • Creepy Chaotic Noise

  • Creepy Climax

  • Creepy Editing

  • Creepy Commercial Appeal


  • Each project must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee listed on our FilmFreeway page. Entry fees are per film submission/contest category, and are non-refundable. Fees cover submission of your project to the contest category, notification that your entry has been received, and notification of results.

  • Payment may be made by debit or credit card. You may checkout without having a PayPal account. All transactions are made through the FilmFreeway website.


Creepy Tree Film Festival (CTFF) accepts entries via FilmFreeway. Follow the checklist below to be sure all your creepy criteria is covered:

  • Completed entry form, submitted electronically via FilmFreeway.

  • Be sure to upload all areas of the submission. This includes your project overview/description/synopsis, biography and profile picture, your film trailer and or behind the scenes video via link to YouTube or Vimeo, your project poster, any production pictures you would like to add, and your physical address to only be used if and when you receive a CTEA at the end of season so we can send you an award packet.

  • As applicable, the entry fee(s) for the project submission (see the “Entry Fees” section above) are payable ONLY by credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) on the FilmFreeway website.